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Anthony has been tattooing since 2017 and enjoys doing custom pieces and working with clients to come up with the best piece for them. With a wide variety of styles and som of he favorite are Traditional, Neotraditional, and tattoos with a story behind them. "Providing a great client experience is my goal, and I look forward to building my clientele at Endless Tattoos".

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Jana Henry
"My whole life has been creating art in as many forms as possible. I have been certified and licensed in permanent cosmetics for over 20 years.  I love enhancing a woman's beauty by creating natural looks instead of covering them up. 
I took my knowledge further and added body artistry 7 years ago. I love creating custom pieces in many styles. My passion is helping others find joy in their tattoos. Whether it's to capture a moment in time, a memorial piece to remember someone you love, or to help you work through a challenging time in your life, or maybe it's adding art on a part of your body that you were once self conscious of. I would love to help you achieve happiness through permanent art. 
I moved from Utah in 2021 and married my best friend of 26. Together we have 4 teenagers and my greatest joy in life is spending time with my family."

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- inspired by many different art in the tattoo industry, Daniel specializes in high quality detailed tattoos. Daniel is very proficient in many different styles, from realism to Japanese, to traditional or whichever the client acquires, he will  bring your ideas to life, and bring value to each tattoo from small to big. all his passion goes into every piece. quality tattooing is key. Daniel started his career in Southern California, and moved to Washington  with his wife and 5 kids, also the owner/artist of endless tattoos, Daniel strives to make endless tattoos a custom high quality shop, to provide excellent, clean work. with a friendly environment. 


"Every tattoo that comes to my machine, I make sure I give the client 110% and customize their ideas, I like it all, I like script, I like Japanese, I like realism, I like cover ups, it doesn't matter what style. I just love tattooing, and the path its leading me to. this industry  is tremendously  growing and is accepted to a more  art perspective, and so many people are getting tattooed. my oldest person I tattooed was 80+.  I love the stories, I love the art, I love the people who walk through the door, and I thank all who come in and get tattooed by me, with out your skin, I wouldn't be the tattoo artist i'am now."


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