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Anthony has been tattooing since 2017 and enjoys doing custom pieces and working with clients to come up with the best piece for them. With a wide variety of styles and som of he favorite are Traditional, Neotraditional, and tattoos with a story behind them. "Providing a great client experience is my goal, and I look forward to building my clientele at Endless Tattoos".


Dalton Grim
Dalton has been creating many different styles of art since a young kid. in 2023 he has found his path in tattooing. dalton loves to work with clients to create the perfect tattoo that fits their personality and style. 
He grew up drawing from video games and cartoon characters, but loves to approach new challenges, with every opportunity! 

" I love connecting with people and providing excellent customer care on top of doing solid tattoos!" 



Mike Torres 
Based in Washington, mike has dedicated 17 years to mastering the art of Tattooing. Specializing in portrait work and realism, each tattoo that is crafted is a fusion of precision and passion. his journey is not just about creating art on skin, but also about the deep connection and stories behind each piece. he takes pride in capturing life's intricate details, ensuring every inked line tells a compelling story and stands as a lasting testament to his commitment and endless, timeless craft.

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